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We Proudly Support Shriners Hospital for Children, St. Judes, Children's Hospital, Susan G. Komen and ASPCA.



This is a picture of My Baby "BellaBear"

I Love her soooooooo much! As I am sure you Love your Dog. WiggleButtWalker was created for her & your dog.

Whenever Bella and I went for a walk I had to be certain to bring her favorite things and the stuff I needed for myself. 


Yummy Treats (Bella loves to eat), Poop Bags (because poop happens) & Pet Wipes (because a freshly wiped dog is a happy dog... Let's just say Bella is very happy).


I had to figure out where to place all the things she needed plus the stuff I needed for myself. Such as ID, Credit or Debit Cards, House Keys, Cash (in case Bella wanted gelato, she loves gelato) and any other miscellaneous items we needed.


The problem, like so many pet owners, was how to carry all this in one place instead of performing the "pat down" (or should we say "pet down").

Whenever you need something for your pet or you, you find yourself patting all your pockets trying to find it.

The Solution!

The WiggleButtWalker.

The Ultimate Dog Walking Kit.

Features a stylish custom made bag designed to carry all you need for you and your dog in one place.

Poop Bags, Pet Wipes and extra strap that allows the bag to worn crossbody or over the shoulder.

Unbuckle it. Attach it, Love it,  Now you are ready for a walk.

Ps... Bella says to say Hello to you and your Dog!

Our Mission is to provide stylish and quality pet products while using profits to help those in need. One WiggleButtWalker at a time.

We passionately feel that No one, especially a child, should go hungry.

Everyone should have a place to lay their head at night and call home.

No animal should suffer from cruelty or hunger.

We should be there to help and comfort those who are sick in any way we can, especially our children and elderly.
Everyone can use a little help sometimes.

Some of the Charities dear to us that we will support are Shriners Hospital for Children, St. Judes, Children Hospital, Susan G. komen, ASPCA, Local and National food banks and shelters.

We are also forming charities of our own such as 12 Angel's, The Help Center and Home by 5.


Each charity will have a different yet collective mission to work tirelessly to combat Hunger, Homelessness, Child Development, tend to the Sick and Job Training.


This is our Mission, this is our Passion, this is our Purpose, this is our Commitment!

One WiggleButtWalker at a time!